Cylindrical Bearings Offer High Performance with Their Unique Cylindrical Design

11 /29 2017

Today the most advanced equipments make use of a multitude of parts which must function together at high speed to carry out activities, yet they must not experience any friction. Bearings are the elements that reduce friction between moving parts. Their purpose is to enable parts to function at high speeds, but without experiencing any heat or wear and tear.

cylindrical bearings

Cylindrical Bearings

About Spherical and Cylindrical Bearing and Their Implementation

There are many types of bearings available of which the spherical plain bearing is very unique. It is an innovative type of bearing due to it intrinsic design. In the inner ring you can see a convex surface on the outside, while on the outer ring what is seen is a concave surface on the inside.

These types of bearings are needed in applications where rotating or titillating movements are required for functioning. This type of bearing can be one that need maintenance else it can be maintenance free. It can support high impact loads and is self aligning in all directions. It also works without creating any noise.

When you look at the spherical ball bearing of plain type what you will notice is that it is available in many sizes. You can see that it is available in bore sizes that range from 0.5 inches to 12 inches. It is also available in metric sizes that are as small as 4 mm to ones as large as 300 mm.

You can also find different types of custom sizes offered. This type of bearing is suitable for implementation in various applications ranging from highway vehicles to robotics and much more. As the versatility of this bearing is high, you will find that it is easy to implement as it can be used for so many purposes, in different types of moving parts carrying out varies types of tasks.

Another important bearing that is used in automotive parts is the cylindrical bearings. It makes use of cylinders that are used as rolling elements which is different from what is seen in ball bearing as they make use of balls.

These types of bearings can take on high radial loads and they can work at high speeds. This is because the rollers have a contact area with the outer ring which means they can distribute loads across a broader surface. A variation of the cylindrical roller is the double row type which has high radial rigidity and is used primarily in precision machine tools.


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